Prescriptions Requests Over The Telephone

After many years of accepting repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone, we have taken the decision to reduce this service.

We are advised by NHS England to encourage patients to order online where possible the benefits of ordering online include:

  • Increased patient satisfaction order any time no restriction to practice opening hours or waiting in a queue
  • Improved safety as there are less opportunities for error.
  • Improved efficiency requests can be processed by our extended team if they are received digitally

The Practice is getting busier and busier with more people on repeat medication for ever increasing complex conditions.

By receiving prescription requests digitally, we minimise the risk of a potential error causing a significant event.

We hope that by asking everyone who possibly can to make this change it will free up our phone lines for housebound, elderly and most complex patients.

Many of you have already made the transition, but for those of you who have not there are several options available for ordering your repeat prescription:

  • Use the following link and complete the simple form: (suitable if you just have one or two repeat medications)
  • Email us at (if you use this service, please ensure you provide your name, date of birth and any medication you require)
  • Register for online services here once registered you can also order via the NHS app (suitable if you have many, complex repeat medications)
  • Drop off the repeat slip in the dedicated post box at either the Cinderford or Ruardean surgeries
  • Some patients with suitable medication may be offered eRD (electronic repeat dispensing) whereby your nominated chemist will receive pre-authorised prescriptions that can be dispensed monthly without the need for ordering from the surgery.

Please be patient when using a new ordering method it may take a little bit of getting used to, but ultimately will be safer and quicker.

Thankyou for your co-operation

Forest Health Care